I forgot to post this earlier. Before building the disks we made a chroma workshop at the studio. I took the opportunity to take some footage of hands, even so I am still nor sure whether I will use hands for the clip (still a lot of things in the air as I keep working).

The spinning table problem is sorted, as I have bough a spinning stool that makes perfectly the job. However the disks doesn’t look good from a lateral view. This is why I decided to build them in mdf.

Also in the workshop, I didn’t work out the lighting as I need. I have tried different ways of doing the light after that. The place I like the most is my own room with natural light in a bright day. My room is all white and I have a good sun orientation, the light bounces very well and it makes nice defused shadows. The only inconvenient is that I would have to shoot in Mini DV, which is not great for chroma.


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