Almost There!

Things to consider for the next steps:

1. Sound
This is still temporal. I am considering the option of asking a sound designer to help me with this. Music needs to be more elegant and less dramatic. May be a bit of piano? Music needs to be formed around the rhythm of the heart beats. Also organic sounds, where the band “Mum” could helps as a reference. Some sound effects might work well for places such as when the disk create its lines, lines met a disk, when lines met each other, etc…

2. Background
This one is still not great. I still should try different grades (may be less-texture) or more colours

3. Colour
A bit of colour is needed. Now it is too cold

4. Disks
They need a more organic approach that reflects live on them. I don’t mean to use other things to represent the beats but to give more live to them somehow

5. Editing
Considering the option of introducing each clip 4 frames earlier in order to improve the flow of the edit. At the moment if I do this it will de-synchronize the heart beats


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