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Heart Beats – FINAL!


Music with a Darker Twist (Unfinished)

After my last meeting with Leslie, we decided to go a bit darker with the soundtrack. This is now going well! however it is still unfinished.

Things that need to be done:

1. Heart beats are still too low. They need to be more prominent.
2. The last “big single beat” needs to be even stronger as this must mark an end.
3. The music needs to wrap better the narrative and create suspense before the last shot. In the former version this point was working better
4. An echo of the soundtrack needs to remain somehow after the fade to black.
5. An extra layer of sounds is needed to follow the little visual key points such as particle movements, lines, etc…

Music & Sound (Unfinished)

The music now is helping to the narrative of the film and the sounds goes together with the animation. However there are some issues that still need to be amended. Also the overall mood is still too mellow; it needs a darker mood.

Some Editing Amends

This is the last version so far. I have correct some of the edits so the movie runs visually smoother and the heart beats help the flow of the shots. This is still with temporary sound and music. Leslie is working on it and it is going really well!

Music & Sound by: Leslie Quarcoopome

I used to work with Leslie for more than three years in AllofUs, where he was a very talented interactive designer. Now he is very keen on developing his talent as a music composer… so I’m very happy that he wanted to work together with me again and I really hope this won’t the last time. Thanks Leslie!

Changing the Music

This music is still temporal, but it is closer to what I am looking for. I would need something that match better the animation and follow the pace of the beats. Also I should add some sound effects to support what is happening in the film. The music also needs to wrap the end of the film.

Regarding the image, some details I still need to change:

1. Flying dots need to be without the Glow effect
2. Explosion of dots when the first lines appear needs to be more prominet
3. Last clip needs to fade out a bit later, so we can see the whole shape once is built up
4. Background. I have tried with lots of them and still this one is the one I like the most. I will leave it like that for the moment

Fixing Some Problems

This is the last version so far. I have added camera movements that help the flow of the movie. I have also fixed some lighting and audio problems that I missed previously. The last clip is now richer and lines move better.

Things I still need to do:

1. Music and Sound
2. Background texture. This one doesn’t go well with the disks. It has too much crisp detail and make the disks look too clean
3. To add “life” to the hearts. I have tried a few ideas but still don’t find the way to add more richness to the disks. An overlaying texture that subtly wrap the whole movie could work.
4. Still a few details to fix such as the early appearance of flying dots in some clips.