Almost There!

Things to consider for the next steps:

1. Sound
This is still temporal. I am considering the option of asking a sound designer to help me with this. Music needs to be more elegant and less dramatic. May be a bit of piano? Music needs to be formed around the rhythm of the heart beats. Also organic sounds, where the band “Mum” could helps as a reference. Some sound effects might work well for places such as when the disk create its lines, lines met a disk, when lines met each other, etc…

2. Background
This one is still not great. I still should try different grades (may be less-texture) or more colours

3. Colour
A bit of colour is needed. Now it is too cold

4. Disks
They need a more organic approach that reflects live on them. I don’t mean to use other things to represent the beats but to give more live to them somehow

5. Editing
Considering the option of introducing each clip 4 frames earlier in order to improve the flow of the edit. At the moment if I do this it will de-synchronize the heart beats


Background and Grade


I have been trying different textures such skin, meat, soil, wood, sand, water, etc… from all those, these ones are probably the ones that work the best. Between blood/wine red and black. I still could change it in the future but I want to define the assets before I build everything in AF. I prefere textures not too rich, just with a bit of detail that helps to create a reference of scale. Even though dark red is more heart/emotions related, I think the black ones could work better, specially the one shown at the bottom.


Defining narrative and timing. Sound is crap. I need to find out a better heartbeat sound and music. Whether I edit the sound myself or with someone’s help, this animatic helps me to define also what I need regarding sound.

Close Ups


Stills to define more about the future animation. The disks will be beating through stop motion animation. However, the ripples underneath will be be mirroring those beats with a more fluid animation. I think some organic elements (such as blood stains) will also help to add warmth to the animation.



Working on a structure to arrange the hearts in a network that connects each other and sugest no limits of expansion. The scale will be a important element in the movie.

These are skecthes of the end of the video. Camera zooming out slowly and all the hearts beating at the same time suported by a strong single beat sound.

Thinking about color, I would probably avoid the black background, as I wouldn’t like a “galaxy” look.

Photographing the Disks


Disks wont move. Instead, what it links one heart with another is what will be animated. Hearts remain in the same place withing a virtual space. All hearts beating at the same time give life to the connections than form a single structure.

Luma Key


After filming the white disks spinning on green screen, I realized that “green” is not actually the best color to film on top. The colour reflects on the white surface, so it makes the footage useless for keying in AF.

So I have filmed on black, which is the best background to contrast the figure in this case. However my idea about spinning hearts starts to dissipate. It doesn’t work as I expected and I think I can make mi idea to work in a better way.